Tomas Haake Autograph Session, Upcoming Metal Shows

February 8, 2009

When I heard Meshuggah was coming to town, I immediately knew what was also going to happen. AUTOGRAPH SESSION. But only with the drummer. It’s always just the drummer who signs autographs here, I have no clue why, but anyways that’s how it should be.

Tomas was pretty cool. He told me about the upcoming live DVD coming out in spring. I am so stoked. Hopefully it’ll be as good as Colours_Live from BTBAM, I’m still speechless from that. According to Tomas, Meshuggah is currently still filming from this tour with Cynic and The Faceless. Right, about that, it sucks that I can’t go to the show here (I’m not old enough, nor would I look old enough even with a fake ID). I’m gonna miss out. Well there’s Meshuggah performing, one of my favorite bands who never cease to amaze, freaking Cynic who took like 15 years to write their second album Traced In Air (which is amazing by the way and totally worth the wait unlike others *cough-Chinese Democracy-cough*), and The Faceless, a band that I’m really into right now. Y’all go find Planetary Duality and give it a listen, it’s brutal to the max.

Hopefully I’ll make it out to the Cannibal Corpse show two nights after Lamb Of God. Actually the bill for the Cannibal Corpse tour is really good. Cannibal Corpse, The Faceless, Neuraxis, and Obscura. Real brutal technical stuff. We’ll see.

miles \m/


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