Art Bergmann Returns

February 12, 2009

Last night I saw a surprising notice in my Facebook news feed: Art Bergmann is playing a gig in Vancouver! Well, it’s true: Art will perform March 26 at Richard’s on Richards. There’s info on the gig at this excellent fan site that’s all about Art.

You might be going, Art who? Allow me to explain. Art was a legendary figure in Vancouver’s punk and alternative music scene in the 1970s and 80s. When Art was on his game, he made an incredible impact as an intense singer, fiery electric guitarist and vivid songwriter. He should have been a huge star, but that didn’t happen, in large part because the industry screwed him around. The last I heard, he was living on a farm in Alberta and out of music.

So it’s surprising to hear about this gig. I’m somewhat afraid to go, in case his edgy brilliance has eroded. But of course I’ll be there. I’m also looking forward to hearing the unreleased recordings on the Lost Art Bergmann CD, which will be released at the gig.

I got another surprise while looking around that fan site – I found an article I wrote about Art in 1984 for The Ubyssey student newspaper. The interview took place over breakfast, beer and cigarettes at a long-defunct east side restaurant called Dr. Munchies. Some of the writing is embarrassing (I was young), but here’s the story. My friend Neil took the photos below at Dr. Munchies.

Welcome back Art.


Art Bergmann

Art Bergmann 2

Art Bergmann 3

Bonus material: Art with the Young Canadians in 1980, doing their classic tune “Hawaii”. Check out the go-go dancers:


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  1. Really REALLY looking forward to this.

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