Lamb of God – My Thoughts on “Wrath”

March 5, 2009

Yeah I know, this is kind of late, but I’ve been busy with school and stuff so I haven’t been able to do this yet. Well here it is.

“The Passing”. A nice instrumental acoustic start for this, and very Metallica-esque. The drumming could be a bit more subtle during this one, but whatever. And then “In Your Words” just punches you right in the face. Are those bursts of blasts I hear Mr. Chris Adler? Great riffage, great drumming, classic LOG. However some of these lyrics are kinda getting to me. It turns out the rest of the album was mostly like that for me. The first single, “Set To Fail” is also a very in-your-face song from the start. Man, I love those blastbeats. The chorus is a bit too … catchy though. This reminds me a lot of “Redneck”, but rhythmically it’s pretty different, and the drumming’s a lot more complex. Next up, “Contractor”. This verse is very thrash-like. But when it comes to the chorus, it’s a basically forgettable. Though I love the bridge in this song, when it gets fast again. “Fake Messiah” starts with a 12/8 beginning. Very cool, and it works well. The rest just flows. The first 30 secs. of “Grace” is some nice acoustic guitar which then leads into your typical LOG riff. A lot of this album isn’t super innovative for their sound, but there are some tracks on here that really stand out for me. The next one, “Broken Hands”, is a great drum track. The beginning has a weird sort of beat which is really cool. There’s a grooving section, which leads to this pre-chorus part that has a sick double bass and snare beat going on. The bridge also has another good batch of double bass work. “Dead Seeds” has some interesting song phrasings, but besides that it’s not totally bringing anything new to the table. Same goes to “Everything to Nothing”. “Choke Sermon” is pretty good overall, sick drumming, and the guitar on the chorus is great. Finally, the 7 minute “Reclamation” brings the wrath to an end. Overall, I give this album an A-.

On the other side of things … WATCHMEN COMES OUT TOMORROW. Very exciting stuff. Can’t wait.

miles \m/


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