QOTSA Cover at a Strings Concert?!

April 3, 2009


Ah, the four hits of jam block at the beginning of Queens Of The Stone Age’s “Little Sister”. This new band that I’ve been practicing with for the past few weeks performed our cover of that song last night, and it was pretty awesome (despite the fact that I had to use my plastic MP cowbell instead of a jam block). By the way, in the band, I’m the only guy from a different school. So when I first heard that we were going to perform at their school strings concert, I just laughed to myself. I honestly don’t think something like that would ever happen at my school.

There are actually some people who think that the song we played is a harsh song. I guess they haven’t really heard too much metal. My friend Cole who was singing and playing guitar that night was so stoked, he had asked four different people to film the one song. Overall, the whole thing was pretty good. But you can judge for yourself:


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