Lamb of God, Live in Vancouver

April 13, 2009

For the past few weeks, all I’ve been thinking about are three words: Lamb. Of. God.

Finally, the day of the concert came, and I was stoked as ever. First, Devin and I (the guitarist in my band) went down to Scrape Records, the local all-metal record store, for the Lamb of God autograph session. They were all really chill, and it was cool despite waiting in line for a while. Then, we finally arrived at the arena after the long bus ride. Just as we walked in, the Municipal Waste set started. Devin and I both agreed that they were performing well, but a lot of their songs sound pretty much the same. Next, God Forbid. Their intro: Star Wars, The Phantom Menace Theme Song!!! It was pretty hysterical. Devin had never heard of them before, and he was really impressed. He also asked jokingly why their singer was T-Pain. Next was the interesting part: As I Lay Dying, the Christian band among a bill of bands with no religious beliefs. Surprisingly, a lot of the Lamb of God fans were really getting into it, and there was a massive circle pit for “Within Destruction”. Children Of Bodom’s intro was even more hilarious. A collection of various samples of the word “f**k” started off the madness of “Silent Night, Silent Bodom”. Alexi Laiho was in top form, taking his famous stance as he shredded endlessly on solos in songs like “Hate Me!”. After the seemingly long break, the lights went down, and lighters/cell phones came out for Lamb of God’s intro, “The Passing”. Then the crowd roared as the band appeared on stage, and started “In Your Words”. The band somehow got the whole crowd going, and it was pretty amazing. During the middle of the set, we all sang Happy Birthday to Alexi Laiho, and Jake, one of the sound engineers. In conclusion, I had a really great time at the show, and it’s a concert experience I’ll never forget.


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