Malajube photo essay

June 22, 2009

I went to the Festival d’été francophone de Vancouver for the first time, and this is what I enjoyed (in order):

  • Malajube – I’ve very enamoured with this Québécois alternative rock band. I have no idea what they’re singing about, as their lyrics are completely in French, but I just know they make a beautiful noise.
  • Karkwa – I thought this band would be quieter than Malajube, based on only having heard one tune by them, the delicate “Oublie Pas”. But it turned out that the song is an anomaly. Karkwa can be as noisy as Malajube, especially with two drummers. They make interesting music.
  • Eating & drinking: Poutine, merguez, Belgian waffles, Madeleines, and Granville Island beer. It was liberating to drink beer in the street (on 7th, between Granville and Fir, which was blocked off, street festival style).

This is what I didn’t enjoy:

  • The headliner Pierre Lapointe – He’s a huge star in Québec, who’s supposed to be the second coming of Serge Gainsbourg, but Lapointe came across as arrogant and overwrought. Apparently the arrogance is just an act, according to this piece in the Montreal Mirror, but musically he and his band laid it on way too thick.

Malajube’s Julien Mineau, with his gorgeous Gibson SG:

Malajube 1

Malajube 2

Malajube 3

Malajube 4

Malajube’s Mathieu Cournoyer – a beautiful rock ‘n roll creature:

Malajube 9

Malajube 6

Malajube 7

Malajube 8

That’s Julien’s brother Francis on drums (not pictured – keyboardist/vocalist Thomas Augustin):

Malajube 5

The roadie:

Malajube roadie

Future rockers, with their plastic guitars, at the foot of the stage:

Malajube boys


One comment

  1. Wow what excellent shots!! (& as for the roadie – could he be any cooler? 😉 Look forward to giving Malajube a listen.

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