Bamfield road trip

November 9, 2009

The band I’m in, OEQ, went on a road trip to Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We got a gig opening for the Broken Group on Halloween night. Getting to Bamfield isn’t easy. You have to take a ferry to Nanaimo, drive to Port Alberni and then drive for 1.5 hours on a logging road. The long haul was worth it because we really (male) bonded as a group and as friends. There were some disappointments – namely, that our set wasn’t as long as we would have liked. But our music went over well and overall it was a great trip to Bamfield, which is a gorgeous place. It was my first visit to Bamfield, but hopefully not the last.

Our fearless leader Olly, just before we left our Kits HQ:


Packed and ready to go:

Packed for Bamfield

A stop in Coombs, where the goat on top of the Old Country Market cooperated by turning to face the camera:

Coombs goat

Our guitarist/lead singer Brian, looking chipper at a scenic spot on the logging road:

Bamfield Brian

The house where we stayed is on a peninsula, which you can only get to by boat. That’s Oliver’s acoustic bass sticking up as we made our way across beautiful Bamfield Inlet:

Bamfield bass

The wonderful house where we stayed in Bamfield:

Bamfield house

Inside the wonderful house, with our gracious host John in the background:

Bamfield house 2

A former church that’s next to the community hall where we played:

Bamfield church

Mike, our sax/melodica man, moonlighting as a fire and brimstone preacher:

Preacher Mike

OEQ getting ready for the gig:

OEQ in Bamfield

Halloween revellers, many of whom work at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre:

Bamfield Halloween revellers

Mike also played with the Broken Group – he’s pictured here with their bassist Darrell:

Mike & Darrell in Bamfield

Breakfast the morning after:

Bamfield bacon

Rocky raccoon (Bamfield wildlife) feasting on cat food:

Bamfield raccoon

Chuck, who skippered us across the inlet, and Mike the diehard Oilers fan:

Chuck & Mike

Bye bye Bamfield:




  1. Thanks so much for this, Chris .. What a great set of pix, and they really tell the story too (well,some of it…). I’ve just seen this and will bring to B.’s attention later tonight – that’s B. as in “looking chipper.” You’ve done a fine job on photo selection… I’d like to see some of the gig itself, if there are any… maybe Ollie…? I understnad there’s also a video…
    Nancy R.

  2. Hi, Chris,
    As a person who spent 2 decades involved with the then Village of Bamfield – from Cable Station in the sixties to Marine Sciences Centre in the late eighties – it was a treat to accompany you on your first trip to Bamfield and to see it through your eyes.
    Some things are the same.
    Like the Halloween Dance.
    And the home-grown music – and I mean music that is greatly influenced by time Musicians spent on the West Coast.
    Good to see Oli in the setting.

    During the seventies, last century,
    he used to send me messages by Walkie-Talkie,
    musical messages songs he heard in his head out there, on the Pacific Ocean, 10 miles off the West Coast.

    So, Thanks,

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