The concept behind Two Wongs is simple: it’s a father-and-son blog about music.

Meet the father:
Chris Wong’s musical life began in kindergarten, when he took piano lessons from Sister Mona in a convent. Mona was stern and humourless, but she must have done something right because Chris has been fanatical about music ever since. His music journalism has been published in the Georgia Straight, Vancouver Courier, Vancouver Sun, Globe & Mail, New Musical Express and the Ubyssey. He’s interviewed Dizzy Gillespie, Wayne Shorter, Elvin Jones, Al Green, George Clinton, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Ravi Shankar and many other artists. Chris also plays keyboards with jazz-rock-blues-reggae group OEQ. His other persona is DJ Wongski, who keeps dancefloors full at weddings, parties and other happy gatherings. Chris loves many styles of music, but has a particular thing for Brazilian music, post-bop jazz, real country, and alternative singer/songwriter stuff. His idea of aesthetic perfection is pretty well any song by Elliott Smith.

Music Chris likes

Meet the son:
Miles Wong’s destiny was set from birth: his parents named him after Miles Davis. At an early age Miles (Wong, not Davis) took private percussion lessons. Then he went through years of piano lessons. At one point Chris started taking him to rock shows: the Rolling Stones, the Who, U2, Arcade Fire, Beck, the Pointed Sticks, Franz Ferdinand, Death Cab for Cutie, etc. In grade 7, Miles started Cannotsleep with some classmates. Chris shot a video of the band performing Prayer of the Refugee and posted it on YouTube, where it has received more than 250,000 views. While Miles was the singer in Cannotsleep, he found his calling with the drums. Miles drummed in a number of performances with the Kitsilano Rock School, which Chris also posted on YouTube. Now Miles is playing in progressive metal group Somewhere Lies Sanity, practicing drums daily and bugging his parents for more drum gear (daily).

Music Miles likes


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  1. Hey Chris, I’m about to pillage your fine Bergmann article for my fan site. (That ok?) Thanks!

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